Breast Reduction

Women in need of a breast reduction are tired of overlarge, heavy breasts, and want to reduce breast size. In fact, an excess of breast tissue is both an aesthetic and a physical burden. Carrying the weight of heavy breasts can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. Many women develop rashes beneath the breasts and deep grooves on the shoulders created by bra straps. Overlarge breasts can inhibit their ability to exercise and wear the clothing styles they want.

Overlarge breasts: Breast reduction surgery and your emotional health

Emotionally, overly large breasts can cause women to feel self-conscious; patients often complain about not feeling comfortable in their own skin. Since most women develop their large breasts in puberty – a time that is already fraught with intense emotions – having overly-large, heavy breasts can be particularly devastating, affecting self-confidence for years.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

Dr. Helen Allison is a leader in breast surgery and has performed numerous breast reduction surgeries, many of which are deemed “medically necessary,” with at least some portion of the procedure covered by health insurance. These are cases in which the patient struggles with specific painful conditions, including:

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