Neck Rejuvenation

Neck Rejuvenation

Neck Rejuvenation

The neck is a trouble spot for many men. Patients will often come in complaining of a “thick” neck that makes them look and feel older than their years. This is often exacerbated because men wear neckties and/or collared shirts that call attention to the neck area. Dr. Brady Knox offers both surgical and non-surgical options for male neck rejuvenation at his cosmetic center.

Some men are simply genetically predisposed to develop a double chin or excess fat in the submental region (under the chin). For others, however, age weakens the skin and muscles in the neck. This can result in jowls appearing on the lower portion of the face, a less-defined jawline, and what is often referred to as a “turkey wattle.”

A customized neck rejuvenation procedure for men.

Dr. Brady Knox will examine your anatomy during your initial consultation to evaluate your skin tone and elasticity and the amount of excess fat under the chin or on the upper neck, if any. He will listen to your desired outcome, and together, you will come up with the treatment plan that will achieve the natural look you want. It may include one or more of the following treatments:


Submental Liposuction: For patients with good skin quality but who have a larger quantity of excess fat, submental liposuction is the treatment choice. Dr.Brady Knox offers his patients the full range of liposuction devices: traditional, power-assisted, ultrasound-assisted, and laser-assisted. All remove fat, but each has its own unique quality. The right one for you is going to really depend on your anatomy and your needs. Regardless of the device used, Dr. Brady Knox performs what is called tumescent liposuction. With this technique, a solution of lidocaine, epinephrine, and saline are injected into the subcutaneous fat in the submental region under the chin. First, this helps to numb the area, eliminating the need for general anesthesia in most cases. Second, the volume of the lidocaine causes the fat to become swollen and firm. This, in turn, makes it easier to remove. The tumescent technique not only delivers a safer, better-looking outcome, but there is significantly less post-op bruising. This is a huge plus for most men as it means that you can more quickly return to your daily life.

FaceTite™ for male neck rejuvenation

For patients with minimal to moderate excess fat and loose skin, FaceTite™ can be a great option. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that removes fat and tightens skin in the neck, leaving behind just two small incisions. It works by using RFAL or Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis.

The FDA approved for skin tightening; the FaceTite™ probe has two treatment points: one on top of the skin and one under the skin. The energy passes between these two points, heating the tissues from both inside and outside. This destroys the underlying fat cells in the treatment area and leaves your skin, looking smoother, tighter, and more youthful.

FaceTite™ requires little to no downtime and minimal scarring. It may be performed alone or in conjunction with submental liposuction.

Male neck lift surgery

Men with excessively loose, sagging skin and/or muscle in the neck can only be resolved with a male neck lift. It is a surgical procedure that addresses:

Since men often have excess skin in the mid-line, Dr.Brady Knox will utilize a z type incision over Adam’s apple. This allows him to lift and tighten the sagging skin and muscle in the neck without placing incisions within the hairline. This is important since many men wear their hair short or have a receding hairline, making behind the ear incisions an unacceptable option.

Recovery after male neck rejuvenation

Recovery for any male neck procedure is really going to depend on how your individual body heals. You can expect to be bruised and sore following your procedure, but this typically resolves in 1-2 weeks. For liposuction, you may require about the same amount of time. For a surgical facelift, the recovery time is longer – but the results long-lasting and well worth it. For a FaceTite treatment, there is little to no recovery time.