BOTOX Alternative

Jeuveau is a recently FDA-approved neuromodulator, a new alternative to BOTOX. When injected, the product halts the nerve signals to targeted muscles to smooth the appearance of lines between the brows (frown lines), horizontal brow lines, or other areas that are no longer achieving BOTOX’s smoothing effect.

Is Jeuveau right for me?

If you are living with visible frown lines, creases across your forehead, or other “dynamic wrinkles” (lines and creases created by constant facial muscle contractions), Jeuveau injections offer an alternative to BOTOX, Xeomin, or Dysport. While BOTOX is the most commonly-injected neuromodulator, over time, some patients notice their injections no longer perform the smoothing effect achieved in the past.

Why did BOTOX stop working as well as it did? Should I try Jeuveau?

Changes in BOTOX injections results may be due to your body developing antibodies that make the injections less effective over time. Others may choose to try Jeuveau as the product costs slightly less per injection. Is Jeuveau right for you? Dr. Helen Allison can speak with you about your concerns, what you hope to achieve, and evaluate your skin quality to help you achieve a smoother, more youthful facial look.

Jeuveau injections –

a new alternative in anti-aging.

If you have considered BOTOX or other similar products to smooth frown lines, Jeuveau may be a good option to smooth frown lines. The FDA is currently approved to smooth “glabellar lines,” or deep creases between the brows created when you frown or concentrate. Off-label uses could include smoothing vertical forehead lines or many other facial areas formerly treated with BOTOX.